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Coping With Stress

Stress can consume our minds and have negative affects on our bodies, but if we learn to recognise the contributing factors and form coping mechanisms, we can stop the downward spiral. Practicing mindfulness and redirecting thoughts and feelings can have an immediate impact upon our stress levels. Recognise your bad habits and vices and forgive yourself, use these mistakes as a lesson in personal growth. Learn how to ask for help and don’t be afraid of being vulnerable, take care of your body and mind and your spirit will follow.

Biohacking Secrets

To live our optimal lives, we should be conscious of making lifestyle hacks to improve our wellbeing and harmonise our mind and body. I shall discuss ways you can utilise biohacks such as drinking alkaline water, eating whole foods and adding probiotics to your diet. We can also improve our health using technology such as red light and cryotherapy to combat unwanted signs of aging and help the body heal. Making small changes in your lifestyle by being active and practicing mindfulness can create a big difference to your wellbeing.

Mind Body Spirit Mentor

Anne discusses embracing the knowledge and beliefs from Eastern cultures regarding reincarnation, yoga and meditation. She seeks to enlighten us about the control the systems around us have using religion and spirituality and to teach us to find the truth that is manipulated and supressed by media and money. But most importantly Anne highlights the importance of self-love and how giving and receiving love can positively increase the planets vibrations. 

The Authorities

collaboration with 11 other authors, including Marci Shimoff, Bob Proctor and Brian Tracey. Anne details how everything is enery, and explains how everyone can experience abundance and joy every day. The trick is to raise your ,vibrations.