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All About Anne…

 I recognised my attraction to teaching when I was young – whether it was helping classmates with their homework, or explaining awkward mathematical concepts to my brother and his friends! So teacher training looked like the obvious career choice, and after I gained my BSc in Biochemistry and Human Nutrition I duly qualified as a maths & science teacher.Then, I very quickly realised that I had never left school, and I really wanted to work in the “real world”! So, I re-trained and became a Chartered Accountant. And for most of my employed life, that’s how I was known. But I always recognised that finding a balance between work and personal life was critical, and I was even an active member of the Work-Life Balance movement. But in time, I married, changed jobs a few times and because of moving much further away from London, lost contact with the group, the movement and the ethos.

Some years later, when I was maintaining a high-pressure job, my husband was suffering from an unknown illness that had remained undiagnosed for many years, despite worsening and causing much concern and stress for us both. Society can be very judgemental, and we discovered there is little or no sympathy – disbelief even – for an illness that hasn’t been named. Between my husband’s failing health and my busy corporate career, personal time was non-existent and I think I was living on autopilot.

Eventually I suffered a freak accident that seemed minor at the time, but which left me with serious back pain which the medics couldn’t cure. I tried out many so-called alternative therapies such as meditation and meetings with spiritual healers to address the pain. It lessened but I feared that I would be on painkillers indefinitely. Then serendipity caused me to cross paths with a gifted healer, who I visited in her chiropractic offices. After just a few months I became pain free and medication free! I noticed that she was doing more than clicking the bones in my back, we got talking, and these were the beginnings of my passionate interest in energy medicine.  The fact is, my life was way out of balance, and I had been too busy even to notice.

Within a year, my husband had died and I decided to quit the rat-race. I left the corporate life, with few regrets, and went back to teaching – but did so via private tuition. So although I began this new phase by tutoring schoolchildren, one to one, I then moved on to professional speaking and training adults from stage.  After lockdown, this became a mix of coaching and mentoring via zoom.

I have now published three books, have a successful weekly podcast, and spend most of my time coaching and mentoring clients in personal development, in how raising vibrations impacts every sphere of their lives, and in the unlimited potential available to everyone from the spiritual energy surrounding us all. I help my mentees to realise their goals, overcome limiting beliefs and recognise programming that holds them back. When we open our minds to the truth that is out there and are no longer blinded by societal teaching, everything changes.

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What I Can Offer

When success is elusive…

There are probably areas in your life where you know that you should be succeeding – but for some reason it just isn’t happening. Together we can address the invisible barriers that are holding you back and apply simple but effective procedures to dismantle and overcome these stubborn obstacles.

Have you spent money on various courses and come away inspired and raring to go – then struggled to apply all your new knowledge in your chosen expertise? Or maybe you’ve just been too long in the same job, and now you’re being overlooked for promotion, even leapfrogged by younger, newer staff members?

When you feel that life is against you…

Are you one of the many people who struggle just to get out of bed in the morning? Is it because you’re feeling tired all the time? Perhaps you hate your job, or you are coping with physical or mental ailments such as headaches or stress.  You aren’t alone, and these issues are all related. Using a holistic approach, I can help you regain your former vigour and enthusiasm for life.

Imagine how it will feel when you actively look forward to going to work again!  When you feel inspired, you wake refreshed after a great night’s sleep, and it’s easy to leave your bed and start the new day!  I can even show you how to wake up without using an alarm clock – this is a skill well worth learning because it’s never a great way to start when you’ve just been shocked out of a deep sleep by a persistant nagging bell.  Also – if you habitually use that snooze button – recognise this as a form of self-imposed torture – and stop!

When you are feeling unloved…

Supposing relationships are your biggest challenge: perhaps you are still seeking reciprocal love with that significant other – or possibly you want to escape from a relationship that is past its sell by date.  Maybe you are currently looking for a new life partner and not meeting with much success.

Have you truly experienced love? I’ve learned that not everyone finds this question easy to answer.  We can work with giving and receiving love, opening up to suppressed feelings and emotions, allowing new freedoms, confidence and excitement into situations that have become fraught or stale. Maybe there are simply too many arguments at home? I have a toolbox of techniques for restoring happiness and harmony in all your interpersonal problem areas.

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